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Yoga is WAY more than Lululemon and downward dogs. In the Modern Yogi podcast, we dive deep into the spiritual side of yoga! So if you’ve ever pondered the meaning of life or wondered what your purpose is— this podcast is for you! Join three friends (your book club buddies) as they take you verse by verse through ancient yoga scriptures starting with the world famous Bhagavad Gita!

#075 - Who is Krishna, Really? -- Chapter 10 Verses 1 - 3


Welcome to Chapter 10! In this episode, we ask the big question: Who really is Krishna? We start off with understanding that no one truly no knows Krishna as He is the beginning and also the source of everything (including demigods!)

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#074 - The fundamental equality of all living beings -- Chapter 9: Verses 31 - 34


The final episode of chapter 9 includes a little bit of controversy. Krishna states that even those of lower birth can find their way back to God. But what does that mean? Aren’t we all equal in Krishna’s eyes?

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#073 - The perks of loving God -- Chapter 9: Verses 29 - 30


What are the perks of being a devotee of God? Well, in these verses, Krishna points out many! Krishna reveals that He is a friend to his devotees and so very forgiving and kind to all of them.

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#072 - Make it second nature -- Chapter 9: Verse 27 - 28


How many times a day do you think of God? Ten? Five? Zero times? What if thinking about God became second nature? In this episode, we discuss how you can make yourself more conscious of Krishna on a daily basis.

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#071 - What do you get the God who has everything? -- Chapter 9: Verse 24 - 26


What do you think God wants from us? Is it money? Is it love? Is it to be a good person? Spoiler alert: It’s just 4 things; fruit, flower, leaf, water. And best of all, all of these things are FREE!

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#070 - Krishna has your back! -- Chapter 9: Verse 22 - 23


To be truly self aware, we need to know our strengths and weaknesses. The great thing about Krishna is that He knows exactly what we lack and He preserves what we have. God has your back!

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#069 - The ancestry of the universe -- Chapter 9: Verse 16-21


Who is the mother and father and grandfather of the universe? Who is the goal of life? Who is death? Who is rain? Who is the heat from the sun? Who is the most dear friend of ours? Krishna answers all of these questions.

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#068 - Recognizing love -- Chapter 9: Verse 13-15


Ever pick up someone you love at the airport? It’s easy to recognize them because you know them. You love them. Truly great souls can recognize God instantly because they have taken the time to get to know Him. To love Him.

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#067 - Atheism and God -- Chapter 9: Verse 11-12


What does Krishna call His enemies who never recognize his Divinity when He is in human form? Fools! The truth is that people who are attracted towards atheism will never know the beauty of uncovering a personal relationship with God.

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#066 - The miraculous universe -- Chapter 9: Verse 3-10


The cosmic order of the universe is truly miraculous. But how does it all function? Who creates everything? Who destroys everything? In this episode, Krishna explains how He does all of this whilst still remaining neutral.

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