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Yoga is WAY more than Lululemon and downward dogs. In the Modern Yogi podcast, we dive deep into the spiritual side of yoga! So if you’ve ever pondered the meaning of life or wondered what your purpose is— this podcast is for you! Join three friends (your book club buddies) as they take you verse by verse through ancient yoga scriptures starting with the world famous Bhagavad Gita!

#065 - The Biggest Secrets -- Chapter 9: Verse 2


What is the best secret you were ever told? Was it pure? Was it joyful? Did it help you become a better version of yourself? Krishna is hinting at the biggest secrets that He will reveal in this sacred book.

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#064 - The Most Confidential Knowledge -- Chapter 9: Verse 1


Welcome to the (very secret) Chapter 9: The Most Confidential Knowledge. Here we dive deeper into what devotional service actually means and the 9 ways to get closer to Krishna: 1) Hearing 2) Chanting 3) Remembering 4) Serving 5) Worshiping 6) Praying

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#063 - The best way to depart the Earth -- Chapter 8: Verses 23- 28


In these final verses of chapter 8, Krishna explains the various ways one can depart from this earth. But the true devotee doesn’t care about how they die, but only how they can keep their consciousness fixed on the Supreme Lord.

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#062 - Beyond birth and death -- Chapter 8: Verses 21-22


What happens when you transcend the cycle of birth and death? Do you come back down to the material world? Krishna explains the what happens when you finally meet Him.

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#061 - Where do we go when our time comes? -- Chapter 8: Verses 15-21


If liberation is achieved, do we take birth again on planet Earth? Where do we go? What is it like there? Krishna answers these vital questions and also begins to explain what’s a typical day like for Brahma.

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#060 - The Path to Liberation -- Chapter 8: Verses 10-14


How does one remember God at the time of death? How does one concentrate on Krishna during one of the hardest moments in life? Understanding the answer to these questions will help us all understand the path to liberation.

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#059 - Life's Final Exam -- Chapter 8: Verses 5-9


Death. Let’s talk about it. According to Bhakti Yoga philosophy, death is one of the most important times in one’s life. It’s the ultimate exam in life. Krishna explains what happens at this critical time and how much it affects your next life.

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#058 - The Big Questions -- Chapter 8: Verses 1-4


Arjuna starts off Chapter 8 by asking all the big questions we have all been wondering about. Krishna, the great active listener that He is, starts to tackle Arjuna’s inquires one by one.

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#057 - What's going to happen in your next life? -- Chapter 7: Verses 28 - 30


What if you were a really nice person in a past life? You did everything right, you donated, you were spiritual, you even helped old ladies cross the street! Krishna explains how the next lifetime might look for you.

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#056 - The Past, Present, and Future -- Chapter 7: Verses 26-27


Imagine knowing all that happened in the past, all that is happening now and all that will happen in the future. Who can do that? Krishna can! He truly knows all, but who truly knows Him?

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